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Each year, 25,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Up to a quarter of those patients will face financial hardship while trying to fight the disease, when they should be focused on getting better. That’s where we come in.

2016 was a building year for our organization. We welcomed three new board members who expanded the expertise and skills of our board and we focused on establishing much needed infrastructure to enable us to be more nimble and effective in fundraising and achieving our mandate to help more women.


How patients use our support

How we are funded

Year Ended February 2017Year Ended February 2016
Assets and Liabilities
Cash 28,487 34,566
Accounts Receivable 13,681 5,033
Accounts Payable -703 -1,522
Retained Earnings-44,497-27,256
Total$ 2,542$ 18,024
Donations 88,507 77,826
Causemetics sales 3,430
Total$ 91,937$ 77,826
Programs 64,043 30,917
Marketing 3,175 3,138
Management and Administration2,6782,339
Social Enterprise6,873
Total$ 89,396$ 59,802

We want to help women with breast cancer. Not someday. Today. Because the rent is due. Groceries must be bought. Hospital parking is expensive. And lost wages during treatment and recovery means less money for the bills.

So despite millions raised to find a cure, very little priority has been placed on providing much needed financial support for the nearly 26,000 Canadians diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

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